Another lovely review … plus cake!

Cake, and a sweet review after attending Mynydd Isa W.I., as follows :

Message: Hi Fiona,

I have just finished reading Before All Else. You have written a truly lovely book and I enjoyed getting to know the characters and felt a great sympathy for Cecily with such a heavy burden to carry.   Marcus, a man of a certain age trying to make some sense of his new circumstances, did grow on me and  I could feel his uncertainty as he stumbled through his new life. 

I found the style unusual at first moving between characters but soon found that it became easier to build the character’s personality and follow their path through the story this way.

This is a book that is going on my ‘read again shelf’ and has my name written inside and ‘please return to me’ because it is not going too far away for too long.

Thank you for visiting our W.I. and sharing your book.