Children Of The Sky

Children Of The Sky

When an airman falls from the sky, the lives of three women are changed for ever.


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About the Book

Families make the best hiding places.

Untold secrets, a story that spans the globe and a century, Children of the Sky is an intimate and compelling look at four generations struggling towards the hard-won prizes of war – hope, freedom, love, peace.

In 1950’s Rhodesia, an airman falls from the sky.  Patrick’s death touches the lives of three women – Grace, married to the brutish Guy; Sorcha, their nineteen-year-old daughter; and Olivia who, in the present day, continues to pay the price of a tragedy long forgotten.

For, how do you observe the rituals of grief when the only option is to Keep Calm and Carry On? 

What is Remembrance when so much is forgotten?

Today, Zac’s life is one of adventure and discovery; his young life embodies the spirit for which so many gallantly laid down theirs.  Will he, finally, break free of Patrick’s long shadow? 



“Really it had been a bitch asking Toby for money for the trip, but he was the only person she knew who had any. A sharp, gleeful look had flashed across his face. “What, short of funds then, sis?  Not managing terribly well?”  She’d instantly halved the amount she was going to ask for, preferring to try her luck with the credit card company than suffer Toby’s patronage. “Can’t you ask your latest conquest for money?” 

“Hadley?  He’s got no money.”

“No, they never do, do they?”

Finally, Toby had consented to lend her enough for the airfare, but there had been conditions. Yes, she promised she would take a long hard look at herself. Yes, she knew that the usual palliatives of food, sex, booze had put her on a completely destructive path. Yes, she knew that Mummy and Daddy wouldn’t approve. Yes, sir. No, sir. Money-bags-full, sir.”

Genre: Romance
Publisher: SilverWood Publishing
Publication Year: 2019
Format: Ebook & Paperback
Length: 222
ASIN: B07Z7D87T3
ISBN: 9781781329177
List Price: £9.99
eBook Price: £2.99