Another lovely review … plus cake!

Cake, and a sweet review after attending Mynydd Isa W.I., as follows : Message: Hi Fiona, I have just finished reading Before All Else. You have written a truly lovely book and I enjoyed getting […]

Oswestry Library Saturday 19th August 2017

Celebrated and award-winning local authors coming to Oswestry Library.  Writing in a variety of genres (from Historical, Supernatural, Adventure, Contemporary, Verse, Crime, Science Fiction, Vampire & Children’s), each author will be happy to discuss their […]

Boing Flip, boys! Mineran Conflict by P N Burrows

  This is the second of the Mineran Series trilogy, published in January 2017.  Good news is, the third book is already well under construction. Mineran Conflict starts with Sam, a former soldier, during an […]

Marcus? Or Velda?

  One reviewer reported, “A particular strength for me was the comic yet realistic relationship between Marcus and Velda and their witty, scathing dialogue … I really liked Marcus” As we celebrate Love this month, […]

Trueman, the black Labrador

  One of the characters in Before All Else with all four paws firmly planted in reality is Trueman, the black Labrador.  Suffering from a degree of flatulence yet, at crucial points in the story, […]

Yattar Yattar magazine, September / October 2016, “Before All Else is a well-written and entertaining read … the author keeps you interested, turning each page in the hope of discovering more.”