Listen Up!

Pre-flight checks, as he likes to call them, are complete.  Petrol – check.  Oil – check.  Windscreen washer – check.  Where is she?  Rain starts to fall, landing on the windscreen in fat, heavy splots.  […]


Papa is not pleased.  In fact, he has spent the last month expressing a deal of anger.  He slams doors.  He is rude to the servants.  He even told Mama to get out of his […]


He glances over at Imogen.  Her elbow had slid along the table, alcohol tipping her over onto a different axis. In the firelight, her arm shines, delicate and vulnerable, like a new-born giraffe’s leg.  Their […]

The Leopard

  Images of Africa – darting, zig-zag, gaudy –still flicker across her dreams, sixty years on.  She wakes in an instant with the same sense of lurking danger and imminent catastrophe that have marked every […]

Green Colleen

  The calls of the stevedores and the calls of the gulls vied for height as Eliza stepped off the gangway.   Turning her back on the dockside and following a hand-drawn map, she made her […]