Marcus? Or Velda?


One reviewer reported, “A particular strength for me was the comic yet realistic relationship between Marcus and Velda and their witty, scathing dialogue … I really liked Marcus”

As we celebrate Love this month, spare a thought for those like Marcus :

“His clothes still hung in the wardrobe, his shirts were still ironed for him, albeit with more of a slapdash lick than he’d been used to.  A plate of food still appeared in front of him every evening, although the portions were less in his favour than they used to be.  They’d long ago, laughingly, told the children that Dad sleeps in the small bedroom now because he snores like a rutting rhino.  The small courtesies and politenesses were more often observed than not, such as two glasses accompanying a bottle of wine, a cup of tea, a collar tucked in.  What else was a marriage built on? It’s not as if one really expected the grand passion to survive two children now packed off to university, one redundancy, one prostate scare, thread veins, myopia and all the rest.  Nonetheless, he was being gradually squeezed out and he seemed powerless to put a halt to it.”