Now the book has been out for a few months, getting some lovely reviews ….

“I so enjoyed the ‘world’ of the book, and was reluctant to leave it when it finished.  The entire book I felt showcased a whole array of quite dazzling writing talent …

  • Comic (there were so many laugh out loud moments) …
  • Philosophical (Henry ‘holding a small baby apple fist in his own’ prompted tears)  …
  • Tenderness and Humour (particularly the empathy and understanding [for] animals, ‘Trueman [the resident black Labrador], bless his heart, is sitting on her feet, an agent of comfort and warmth’.

There was a feel for nature and place too that put me in mind of … Thomas Hardy, ‘Red poppies wounded by the previous night’s downpour hung out their battle torn petals like drying flags’.

Initially it reads as a chatty, amusing, accessible view of the world, but the outstanding level of observation, the beauty of the natural description, and the insight afforded into human nature keeps revealing the literary prowess of the writer.” – Jean Page

“I loved [the book].  Great characters, easy to relate to.  Loved the local references.  Beautiful use of language.  A great read.  Found I am scarily like one of the characters!  Maybe it has something to do with the Moondance workshop I attended … in the exotic environs of Froncysyllte Community Centre.  Can put your name down for the next one if you book me in for the African drumming!  Peace and Love, Man!” – Hilary Wright

“Your perception of the poignancy and sorrow in [the] characters’ lives is well balanced with the little comical incidents.  I loved those. It was a good read, with a satisfying ending.” – Gill Payne

“Your book is so good (and it does not have redundant apostrophes)! – Allison Cattanach