He gave me a key to the front door.  It was worn thin, shiny.  “Bit irregular, this, isn’t it?” I’d said, thinking what the care agency would say if they found out.  But he just […]

Listen Up!

Pre-flight checks, as he likes to call them, are complete.  Petrol – check.  Oil – check.  Windscreen washer – check.  Where is she?  Rain starts to fall, landing on the windscreen in fat, heavy splots.  […]


Papa is not pleased.  In fact, he has spent the last month expressing a deal of anger.  He slams doors.  He is rude to the servants.  He even told Mama to get out of his […]


He glances over at Imogen.  Her elbow had slid along the table, alcohol tipping her over onto a different axis. In the firelight, her arm shines, delicate and vulnerable, like a new-born giraffe’s leg.  Their […]


If we go to the Northlands, my loveThrough beech and spruce and larchI’ll catch me a white white gooseMy love, to plead my humble cause.She’ll give me a featherIn indigo berries dippedAnd fly to your […]


One year for the tears to flow Two years for them to dry Years Three and Four going off the tracks Wedding ring in the drawer Not on her finger The family supposing the new […]

The Leopard

  Images of Africa – darting, zig-zag, gaudy –still flicker across her dreams, sixty years on.  She wakes in an instant with the same sense of lurking danger and imminent catastrophe that have marked every […]

Green Colleen

  The calls of the stevedores and the calls of the gulls vied for height as Eliza stepped off the gangway.   Turning her back on the dockside and following a hand-drawn map, she made her […]